1. Lighting candles or playing soft music.
  2. Reading a poem or a letter from the parents or grandparents to the child or a scriptural reading (Psalm 128 is particularly appropriate).
  3. Explanation of the child's name(s).
  4. A collation or festive meal in honor of the baby.
  5. Planting a tree or making a charitable donation in honor of the baby.


Please have the following items available when Cantor Sherman arrives:

  1. Two (2), 1 ounce tubes of Bacitracin OR Neosporin OR Polysporin (any kind) OR A&D OR Vaseline (1-4 oz. tube). Please buy ointment and not cream. Tubes are easier to use than jars.
  2. One box (25 per box) of 3" x 3" sterile gauze pads. Organic cotton gauze pads may be used if they are available.
  3. Sugar or sweetened water (filtered, if you wish), sweet wine or grape juice may be used before and after to help reduce discomfort further. The baby sucks on a gauze pad dipped in the sugar water before; wine or grape juice after to reduce the discomfort. One may also use organic grape juice or low alcohol, sweet wine such as Kedem or Manischiewitz.
  4. Try to arrange the feeding schedule so that the previous feeding finishes about one hour prior to the circumcision. The baby may be fed immediately following the circumcision.

Also, you may consult a homeopath to determine which homeopathic remedies may be used for your child. Since each individual is unique, the remedies and doses are tailored to your child based on the advice and recommendation of your homeopath. For example, Arnica may be used before and after the circumcision to reduce overall discomfort. For bleeding, Phosphorous or Hamamelis may be administered. For wound care, a gauze pad soaked in olive oil and once healing has begun, Calendula ointment may be applied directly to the wound.